2016 NFL Combine Prep

The Pro Football Scouting Combine is a vital event for college players on their path to the draft. With more than 300 prospects participating in a quest to achieve their pro football dreams, the competition is fierce. Preparation for the Combine is critical for success. Herbalife, the official nutrition partner of Proactive Sports Performance, a state of the art institute that offers unparalleled sports performance training, helped a group of 14 elite college athletes prepare for the Combine. Over the course of 5 weeks Herbalife provided individualized consultations to each athlete, teaching them about Herbalife24® products and general nutrition principals. “Our goal is to really help them use nutrition to set them apart from some of the other athletes that they’re going to be going up against at the combine,” says Dr. Dana Ryan, Herbalife manager of sports performance and education.